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M&M Welding Fabrication Ltd Facilities

Some of the machinery we have here at our Hoddesdon workshop include: -

Durma Hydraulic Downstroking Pressbrake - Capable of bending upto 6mm (4mm Stainless Steel) up to 3 meters long.

MVD HGM3006 Guillotine - Cutting capacity of 6mm (4mm stainless steel) up to 3 meters long.

FAT MOD370 Man 60deg Cutting Saw - Capable of cutting maximum section size of 280mm round, 250mm square and 370 x 160mm rectangular.

Bianco MOD420 Man Cutting Saw - Automated Downstroke.

Kingsland Single Punching Machine - Punching capacity of 26mm diameter hole in 20mm material (varies over thicknesses).

Almi AL1000U-01 Pipe Notcher - 20mm up to 76mm diameter tube.

Norton Fly Press 4S - 108mm Max Hole Size.

IMAC Cropping/Notching Machine - Cutting capability of 6mm (4mm stainless steel).

Hypertherm Powermax 380 Plasma Cutter.

Fintec Linishing Machine.

MIG/TIG/MMA Welding Machines.

Sahinler RM1050x90 Rollers - Rolling capacity of 1000mm wide x 3mm mild steel thickness.

This is a brief summary of the machinery and capabilities we offer, to discuss your requirements please see our contact page.

In House Drawing Team